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It has been 10,000 years since an advanced civilization fled Earth. Now they are returning. Scientists around the world witness strange transmissions broadcast through radio telescopes. Little do they know these signals are used to replicate people from another planet. There are four of them reproduced: Two with malevolent goals. Two are determined to stop them, and to do so, they join forces with Nicholas Foxe and his team.


One of the evil replicas assumes the body of an executed criminal who prefers homicide by the blade. One of the replicas wanting to stop him takes on the body of a wealthy banker, whose character benefits from the takeover. The other two remain a mystery.

What if a device could capture everything imaginable about one person. That person dies and you ask it anything … especially the questions you neglected to ask when alive? Jason Chamberlain’s wife, Lisa, dies and a machine, in her voice, sends him on a journey around the world to spread her ashes. Leaving Lisa is a story of loss, transformation, and new love.

Diverged tells the story of four lifelong friends who share unlikely similarities that bind them beyond typical friendships. Now in their mid-sixties, these four men have spent their entire lives within the geographic confines of Staten Island and the New York City area. On an otherwise uneventful day, one of these men decides that it is time for a change and suggests to his buddies that they take a road trip to Key West. The ensuing decision to go, or not to go, will have lasting implications for the foursome. This novel explores how ordinary decisions can yield extraordinary and surprising results.

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